Democracy makes fascism great again


Donald Trump’s Muslim ban is being described as evidence of the rebirth of fascism in NATO member states.

Politicians and journalists stigmatize millions of human beings, depicting them as a threat for daring to be adherents of the Islamic faith while protecting their own White 'child predators' & corrupt leaders.

The blatant Islamophobic propaganda demonizes Muslims the way Jewish people suffered in Germany, Belgium, Poland or France in the 1930s.

Politicians and journalists declared 'open season' on Muslims and Muslim communities across NATO member states.

The elements of oppression (police and court judges) see all (radical) Muslims as the enemy of people in the West, thanks to the #agitprop.

Let's recall that these politicians and journalists are behind the bombing and slaughtering of the Muslims abroad, including maternity hospitals and primary schools.

A majority of NATO supporters are clapping their hands and laughing at the crimes of genocide against the Sunni religious group abroad..and say: "We need the oil, the price is right."

These "peace-makers" spend trillions in the "Global war on terror", this crusade.  This is money that could and should have been spent on funding a system of universal healthcare for all.

Democracy is nothing but a satanic death cult.

YES! WE CAN now confirm that the refugee crisis that Europe is facing in recent years is the direct result of their own foreign policy.

NATO member states are reaping what they sowed in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya. Not to mention the Balkans and Mali or Palestine.

Divine Justice....