The Khilafah's New Era in Drone Warfare

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

BREAKING DOWN 'Game Changer':


The Khilafah relased 38 minutes of combat drone & combat footage.

Before and afters to see once again, the impact of guided car bombs across Eastern Mosul.

The media department also used the 'terrorizing' voice of Abu-Omar al-Baghdadi (rahimullah) adding even more weight to their message of Terror.

The soldiers of the Khilafah operate 'killer drones' and added small missiles and began using these autonomous killing machines to hunt down the Iraqi army.

An unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV), also known as a combat drone or drone, is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that usually carries missiles.

Only the United States, Israel, Italy, China, India, Pakistan and Turkey are at present known to have manufactured operational UCAVs.

Today, the Khilafah becomes World's 8th manufacturer of armed UAVs.

They also manufacture the projectiles themselves. 

The Diwan of media celebrates it and put a lot of care bringing the world into realistic HD clarity. Take a look at the before and afters to see the impact of guided drone strikes. Mind-blowing.

Absolutely terrifying drone footage showing dozens of aerial drone strikes (pic. 18) followed by mind-blowing car bomb attacks (pic. 19) in eastern Mosul, leaving no chance to the escaping Iraqi Security Forces (pic. 20).

Who would have imagined attacking #Iraq|i army with armed drones and SVBIEDs simultaneously?

It's a new, first step in a new era of 'Terror drone warfare'.

These armed drones will be fast, stealthy and survivable, designed to sneak in and out of a country without ever being spotted.

It's still under development, however, but anti-terror experts and journalists already fear a new generation of drones, able to penetrate the air defenses of even sophisticated nations, spotting nuclear facilities or tracking down 'High profile Targets'.

In the meantime, the Khilafah takes steps to transform tiny, out-of-the-way outposts into secret drone bases, key hubs for its secret drone war.

The number of armed drone missionsspecial drone operations deployments, and outposts are expected to grow rapidly.

What's the second step?

Large-sized unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) that can carry at least eight small missiles and combat drones equipped with weapons weighing 100kg?