Yesterday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel received a joint honorary Doctorate from two (white) Belgian universities for "her pro-European politics, including her bold and human stand at the very height of the refugee crisis.”

But Taghut Merkel in her acceptance speech 'for whites only' (*), focused on securing borders (impossible), deporting migrants denied asylum and the "War against International Terrorism".

Whether they look to the past or into the future, their "universal values" is none but a way to power.
Universal values are the best instruments for the solidarity they claim while refugees are freezing to death now in the Balkans, Greece or Turkey thanks to Merkel's initiative. "At least there are less refugees drowning in the Mediterranean Sea" some 'white supremacists' might think.
Universal values are pen-ended, mere talk, that’s exactly why they don't work.  People are walking, talking . "Let us fight on — rough and United as we might be — for Freedom, Democracy and Equality." Merkel said.

We have heard these before and will likely hear their echoes true airstrikes and artillery fire.

We can see further if we stand on their shoulders.

We see a train of more wars, more deaths and more destruction in the Muslim world & more terrorism in the future.

(*) Except 1 African Ambassador from an oil-producing nation