Will Iraq recapture Mosul before the second half of the year?


IHS Markit (Nasdaq: INFO), a world leader in critical information, analytics and solutions expects Iraqi government forces to recapture Mosul before the second half of the year but the recent victory in Eastern Mosul created a huge loss of trust with the chain of command.
The costs were extremely heavy.
The majority of the Iraqi 'foot soldiers' will suffer huge losses every time an offensive occurs in Western Mosul and they know that.

Each will have to fight to stay alive in this new chapter as morals died down.

The Iraqi Security Forces will enter Western Mosul at their own risk, peril and hazard, terms used to indicate the possibility of loss.

Bear in mind that the soldiers of the Khilafah can always launch counter-attacks in Eastern Mosul during the night and infiltrate behind enemy lines.

The M.S.C. noticed infiltration tactics in order to bypass enemy front-line defenses, in an attempt to destroy their opponents in places like Kobane.

Let's recall that the special forces of the Khilafah operate armed drones now and 'Drone Warfare' behind enemy lines will haunt each and every Iraqi soldier in Eastern Mosul as well, from now on because they do watch "ISIS videos".

The Iraqi Security Forces sustained losses, setbacks and some decline in effectiveness; it's becoming worse: When morale drops, the army's performance suffers.

Let's wait and see what the second half of the year will bring.