"You are either with us or with the terrorists"


With Creepy Clown Trump there is no middle ground, no grey areas.
"You are either with us or with the terrorists" Bush also said.

Harsh realities have long mocked the "white supremacist ideology” ritual description of their nation states as a beacon and agents of freedom, democracy, and justice at home and abroad.

These "geniuses" are spending 54 % of U.S. federal spending in wars while tens of millions have no affordable quality health care but at the same time these "white supremacists" claim to live n “the world’s richest country".

Come on...give us a break.

America is facing an infrastructure crisis, they spend  $6 trillion on wars in the Middle East and they could have rebuilt their country twice.

Look at the situation on the ground in countries like United Arab Emirates or Saudi KSA.
Look at Dubai: World-Class Infrastructure and a Global Hub for Trade, Transport, free healthcare and tourism.

The New Dubai skyscraper to surpass the world's tallest building located in Dubai as well.

But these "white supremacists" continue to mock Browns as "retarded fanatics" & living in caravan parks while waiting for a rental.

Democracy is nothing but a satanic hoax.

A sick and evil ideology.

A culture of death and destruction.