Donald Trump's promise came to Western Mosul

Civilians carrying family members in body bags to help illustrate Donald Trump's promise.

The Global satanic coalition have devastated Western Mosul, left hundreds of thousands of Sunnis in need of some kind of humanitarian assistance and created one of the largest food and water security emergency in the world beside the Horn of Africa.

"Mosul is experiencing a humanitarian catastrophe." The M.S.C. believes more than 4,100 people, majority of women and children have been killed and up to 22,000 more injured since the airstrikes on Western Mosul began.

A US B-52 Bomber seen flying over Western Mosul:

Fighting on the ground and air strikes on Western areas by the Western coalition backed by the US, UK, France and 65 other nations have displaced more than half a million people.

The Diwan of Services faced a "race against time" to prevent a famine, adding: "We still have food stored inside Mosul".
However, around-the-clock airstrikes have hampered their efforts.