Agony of children: Harrowing footage shows child's battle for life after airstrikes on a mosque in Mosul

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim  

The latest lengthy video shows Coalition airstrikes on a mosque full of women, men and children.

Harrowing footage shows child's battle for breath after Coalition airstrikes.
Pained, desperate but battling for life with every breath, this tiny boy is seen in agony.

He is just one of several children who feature in the video.

The Media Studies Center is horrified and highlighted the atrocity at the time with a front page that shocked all of us over the appalling loss of life and these barbaric crimes of genocide against Muslim populations.

The US Coalition also use chemical or toxic material just like the Russian-Syria Coalition did in Khan Sheikhun.

There's absolutely no difference.

Of course there's no outrage from their side (*) because #Democracy is nothing but a satanic death cult.
Evil barbarism.  Monsters..

(*) Nazi propaganda machine