The Khilafah's defense industry becomes an International arms manufacturer

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim 

On the morning of October 17, Iraqi Taghoût Prime Minister "Haider al-Abadi" announced the launch of the operation to recapture the Iraqi city of Mosul from the forces of the Khilafah.

SEVEN months later, a Coalition of 68 nations went as far as to say that the offensive will be over “on May 31.”  

But the Diwan of Media team produced yet another 44 minutes Hollywood-style movie. It's absolutely an nightmare video right from the warzone of Mosul featuring Western fighters, they even threaten with more (upcoming) revenge attacks mentioning America, France and Belgium.

One of them is Belgian FTF Tarik Jadaoun from Verviers known as Abū Dujāna al-Belgīkī featuring in the new video release from Mosul and was identified by Belgian most important expert Guy Van Vlierden and CNN's Clarissa Ward.

He threatens France and Belgium with more attacks.

Then comes the most worrying thing we ever saw in our lives.

The Khilafah shows DIY SPG-9 rocket recoilless guns/launchers manufacturing factories then explains the production of it.

These are DIY SPG-9 rocket launchers manufacturing factories.

Why do we show this?

Because the Iraqi TV, Russian media and Iraqi army soldiers claimed the USA provided these rocket launchers to support "daesh" while the Iraqi army is supplied from head to toe by America.

So basically the Khilafah's defense industry becomes an International arms manufacturer while under attack by 68 nations. 

Absolutely mindblowing...

Engineers are also manufacturing robots carrying explosive payloads or kamikaze drones, rifle grenades, remotely operated AT rifles, IED UGVs.

The aftermath of the kamikaze robot borne improvised explosive device (RBIED)

Here is a kamikaze drone attacking an Iraqi army headquarter, no further details about casualties.

A traumatized Iraqi soldier explained the Hell #ISF goes through in Mosul "Its unimaginable" he says, "My comrades were all killed We desperately waited for aerial backup!"

In this new video #WilayatNinawa showed ONCE AGAIN some important game changers with bigger VBIEDS, like this massive 60-ton up-armored haul truck SVBIED used n Western Mosul.

Let's recall that Belgian FTF Jadaoun continues to speak while the video shows fighters operating ground-to-air SA-7 MANPADS.

As if it wasn't enough the Khilafah launched a massive VBIED tsunami on the Iraqi army forces and Jaish Shi'i.

Absolutely horrifying moments in before and afters to see the impact of these VBIED attacks.

These are only 5 examples out of 30 VBIED horror attacks.

With all the death and injuries, Abadi is LOOSING a good chance to liberate Mosul COMPLETELY because ISF Army had to win a long time ago and officers are loosing time and cannon fodder at their own risks and perils.