Remember the Mosul battle!

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim 

On the morning of "October 17", Iraqi Taghoût Prime Minister "Haider al-Abadi" announced the launch of the operation to recapture the Iraqi city of Mosul from the forces of the Khilafah.

Eight months later, a Coalition of 68 nations went as far as to say that the offensive will be finally over “on May 31” after 3 missed deadlines.

As the offensive to retake Mosul enters its 9th month, it's about to end in a miscarriage with catastrophic losses for the Iraqi Security Forces according to a new lengthy video released tonight with horrible drone and body camera recordings.

About 100,000-80,000 Muslim civilians remain trapped in Mosul right now and their stories will affect our future.

While the Global satanic Coalition bombs hospitals with chemical weapons, this patient is seen lying on his death bed.

But snipers of the Khilafah are constantly shooting at Iraqi army soldiers who are trying to capture the city centre.

The before and afters also continue to show bloody impacts of a tsunami of car bombers.

This is an aftermath moment caught by a surveillance drone...

And it goes on and on...

Only 130 SVBIEDs were geolocated in and around Mosul from videos released since Nov 2016 including from the latest release +1 RCVBIED (*) +1 from Iraqi MoD video.

(*) Remote control vehicle borne explosion device

Estimates are about 1,000 fighters of the Khilafah counter-attacked since the start of the Iraqi army offensive which overwhelmed the "Golden Division", killing 40% of them. Since the official accounts vary, it is still not known exactly how many elite soldiers were killed but we know now almost two-thirds of them became casualties.

Many Iraqi army columns were wiped out. 
The remaining columns later linked up and made their own stand, surviving... when their enemy moved off the next day only to wipe them out later.

Once again, a horrifying aftermath...

And it goes on again...

The Iraqi army was never able to counter these deadly, vehicle- borne improvised explosive device (VBIEDattacks on its personnel.

This aftermath shows the material damage which is also becoming another nightmare.

This is a pretty disturbing trend when it comes to patterns of attacks by jihadists which could spread across the globe and there seems to be no end in sight to thwart these complex attacks.

The Sunni religious group also realizes that now, that the Ummah must unite all of its forces if it is to stand any chance of repelling huge invasions.

This famous battle also pitted rebellious Murtadeen, some of whom were "Sunnis", standing with a Shi'a army sent to crush the Sunni Caliphate but ended up raping women in front of their children while in custody.

Even if #ISF captures the last districts, this short term Iraqi victory will backfire when “Remember the Mosul battle!” will become the rallying cry. 

It has since become arguably the most famous battle of the Sunni Caliphate, in modern history.

Even Bilderberg member and Professor Joshua Landis recognized the "brave and hard fought defense in Mosul filled with sacrifice."

Though badly outnumbered, the forces of the Khilafah managed to hold off their opponents and inflict heavy casualties through sheer determination and bravery. The successful defense was a bright spot compared to the debacle at Ramadi or Fallujah.

These men swore to defend it to the death this time. The ensuing battle enters its 9th month and will end only when the last inghimasi fighters make a final charge. 

Even the last man alive won't leave the battlefield even if he had two wooden legs.