Putting an actual face on #Genocide

Bismillahar-Rahman, ar- Rahim

Allah orders in the Holy Qur'an: "Do not make mischief on the earth"

Putting an actual face on #Genocide

In "December 2008", the M.S.C. sat down to post victims of the crimes of genocides in #Gaza and the common idiom, “A picture’s worth a thousand words,” took on a whole new meaning for us.

In today’s world, the violence behind genocide is not given the airtime, the space in the Nazi #FakeMedia.

Its impact on each Muslim, genocide has become an out-of-sight, out-of-mind problem for the White Wild West/East & its #WhitePriviliges, increasingly acknowledged with apathy in the face of atrocity.

More and more Muslims are tackling that apathy, by individualizing these crimes against humanity, by putting an actual face, many faces, in fact, on #Coalition genocide. As long as we struggle to understand and confront the origins of the 'War on Terror' which is against Muslims and the #Islam faith, we will continue to suffer the casualties of it. By putting these faces out there, by making testimony available around the world.

We are sincerely hoping to dissect the hatred, to figure out why, under the surface of a supposed common humanity, we are ignoring the everyday subtle moments of intolerance that can lead to genocide. Of course the "White supremacists" are denying it. Hence, they blame Muslims and call them the new Nazi's.

#iPictures are powerful reminders that genocide is a malignant problem persisting in Muslim countries all over Syria, Iraq, Africa, Asia, Europe, everywhere.

USA has carried out 'ethnic cleansing' in Iraq by censored31 on Scribd

With global communication more efficient than ever, we are an as-it-happens eyewitness generation, and at the Media Studies Center, we are now an #iWitness generation that can effectively challenge that behavior. We are using the archive as a call to action, employing educational resources and technology to connect individuals to the new reality, to help them draw connections to the present and to inspire them to affect change in their communities.

So let's build a strong community and bring the world closer together and confront fasād fil-ardh (mischief on earth).