The Battle of Raqqa

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

The Battle of Raqqa is in its fifth and final phase of the Raqqa campaign launched by the PKK offshoot YPG and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Sahawat against the forces of the Khilafah.
The 5th phase enters its 8th week and is being supported by Coalition airstrikes mainly by the US 🇺🇸 UK 🇬🇧 France 🇫🇷 Belgium 🇧🇪 and Australian 🇦🇺 Air Force and ground troops from the US-led coalition.

But the Global satanic Coalition is making another strategic blunder by using artillery, rockets and airstrikes indiscriminately, while fighters of the Khilafah simply moved its fighters quickly from building to building through holes cut in the walls.

Their latest release shows fighters breaking holes in walls, fighters storming #PKK positions in the Industrial district of #Raqqa city & killing several PKK fighters by snipers.
This "Raqqa offensive" starts to resemble to the "Mosul offensive", it's about to end in a miscarriage with catastrophic losses for the PKK & SDF according to a new lengthy video released tonight with horrible drone and body camera recordings.
Engineers are also manufacturing, what looks like remotely operated DIY SPG-9 rocket launchers with CCTV camera hooked up to the sights and a remoted trigger.

The Khilafah continues to manufacture & upgrade High-Tech Military Weapons that actually exist & extremely lethal.

It also featured a couple of fighters whose disabilities didn't break their will to fight or carry out SVBIED attacks
If you wonder how car bombers can drive SVBIEDs despite having a disability, they are tied in to the chair with clothes & crutched to accelerate or brake the vehicle (*).
And ONCE AGAIN, viewers are confronted with car bomb attacks.

Absolutely horrifying moments in a before and after to see the impact of these car bomb attacks.

There are only 5 attacks but there's a dramatic increase of VBIED attacks this week.

A British foreign fighter in #Raqqa said: "You might have your eyes on #Raqqa and #Mosul, but we have our eyes on #Constantinople and Rome".

If the Coalition fails to "liberate" #Raqqa by the end of the pagan year it would be a catastrophic defeat.

(*) Credit: Excellent observation from H. Kaaman